Another great new Redken product is now available at Elesse Hair and Beauty Salon Plymouth.

As you know we are massive fans of Redken products and their new offering is every bit as good as all the others!

Clean Maniac shampoo and conditioner leaves you with a freshly showered hair feeling all day long and smells amazing. Don’t just take our word for it. Give it a try! We guarantee you’ll love it as much as we do.

Here’s what the experts have to say about it.


Easy, efficient and gentle cleanser for all hair types. Clean Maniac Haircare featuring a micellar shampoo leaves hair with fresh-from-the-shower clean all day. The sulfate and silicone-free formulas deeply cleanse and lightly moisturize hair for a bouncy everyday finish Clean Maniac Clean-Touch Micellar Shampoo

Clean Maniac Shampoo


Clean Maniac Clean-Touch Micellar Shampoo

Micellar Shampoo for All Hair Types

Deep clean your hair with micellar shampoo. Clean Maniac Clean-Touch Shampoo is a sulfate-free daily shampoo powered by micellar technology to gently remove product build up, dirt and impurities from the hair.






Clean Maniac Clean-Touch Shampoo is powered by micellar technology to gently remove impurities and product build up like a magnet for a non-stripping cleanse. Infused with Neofresh Technology, patented odor neutralizing technology that repels unpleasant odor so hair remains fresh.  Gentle enough for everyday use on all hair types. Sulfate-free and silicone-free.


Clean Maniac Conditioner


Clean Maniac Clean-Touch Conditioner

Lightweight Conditioner for All Hair Types

Moisturize hair with Clean Maniac Clean-Touch Conditioner. The lightweight, silicone-free conditioner leaves hair feeling bouncy and healthy.







Clean Maniac Clean-Touch Conditioner lightly moisturizes hair for a clean, healthy feel. Infused with Neofresh Technology, patented odor neutralizing technology that repels unpleasant odor so hair remains fresh.

What Is Micellar Shampoo And What Are The Benefits?

It’s no secret that beauty fanatics can’t stop raving about the benefits of micellar water. Whether it’s for removing waterproof makeup or used as a quick way to refresh the skin, these gentle cleansers can seemingly do it all. However, micellar waters are no longer exclusive to your skincare. This latest haircare innovation brings the power of micelles into your shower.

What Is Micellar Shampoo?

Micellar shampoos offer a new type of hair cleansing experience that gently washes away dirt, grit, pollution, product build-up and excess oils. Safe for color-treated hair, these mild shampoos are formulated without sulfates or silicones to give you bouncy, fresh hair without drying out your strands.

How Does Micellar Shampoo Work?

Micellar technology uses surfactants (fancy word for cleansing agents) that have both water-loving and oil-loving properties called micelles. These two parts help the molecules in your shampoo to attach to oil and dirt particles in your hair, which makes it easier to wash away. In short, the micelles are helping to get your hair as clean as possible without being too aggressive on your hair. Think of them as a magnet: they help draw out impurities like dirt, oil and environmental pollutants without being too harsh on your hair.

What Are The Benefits Of A Shampoo With Micellar Water?

Wondering who benefits from micellar shampoo? It’s simple – everyone! Unlike a typical clarifying shampoo, micellar shampoos can be used each time you shampoo. Out-of-the-shower fresh hair no longer a once-a-week option.
This micellar technology is helps to remove any gunk or product build up that inevitably builds up on the scalp without harming your haircolor or the integrity of your hair.
Redken has even developed a micellar shampoo that is designed to help combat any unpleasant scents that may get trapped in your hair. The optimizing neutralizing scent repels odors like cigarette smoke, car exhaust and other environmental pollutants to keep your hair feeling and smelling fresh all day long. It’s perfect if you live in an urban environment or just want to keep your hair smelling great!