Goldwell Colourist

At elesse, we are proud to say that our colour products are all from Goldwell, a brand that has been trusted for years to perform beautifully every time.

Both reliable and innovative, Goldwell is known for being beloved by models, celebrities and their hairdressers, so you can be confident that your colour is fit for the red carpet.

With so many options, we’ll help you find the shade and depth of colour to show off your hair at its best.

With Goldwell’s signature Elumenated Naturals hair colour service, you can expect your hair to shine as never before as it catches the light with an iridescent, holographic effect.


For more intense and creative colours, or for colour correction, we recommend Goldwell’s trailblazing Pure Pigments. This is an exciting new system which allows us to add shimmering, living colour as and where it’s needed to bring your hair to life.

The partnership we have with Goldwell also supports you with customised services to make sure everything is just right for you, from the first consultation you have with one of our experts, to maintaining your colour at home so it stays vibrant for longer. You can relax and enjoy your time in the salon knowing that our Goldwell specialists will make sure you’re getting the best for your hair.

Whatever your hair colour at the moment, and whatever your desired effect, we have the products to help you look and feel amazing. Just speak to one of our colour experts in the salon and we’ll be able to advise you on your colour choice and explain your options.


We’re ready to listen – our goal is to find the best way of getting the results you’re looking for.

At elesse, we love using Goldwell to bring more colour into your life!

We are proud to use Goldwell colour products. Extraordinary reliability and performance is just the beginning.

Speak to our colour experts in the Salon and we will try to advise you and deliver the results you are looking for.