The Paul Mitchell brand

Elesse Hair and Beauty is proud to be associated with the Paul Mitchell brand, which is one of the most respected in the hair industry for its creative legacy, luxury products at an affordable price and total commitment to an ethical, values-led business.

John Paul Mitchell Systems first came into business nearly 40 years ago, when two friends in the hairdressing industry were inspired to start their own company which would provide luxury products at an affordable price and help support the success of other hairdressers.

Since then, Paul Mitchell’s passion, creativity and total approach to quality have led the company to become a legendary brand in the field with no sign of slowing up!


Against Animal Testing

It was the first professional beauty company to also take an ethical stance against animal testing, and its charitable work extended to set the standard in the hairdressing industry for giving and corporate social responsibility. Today, Paul Mitchell is still highly committed to caring for people and the planet alike and keeps its ethical values at the heart of every business decision that it makes.

The brand has never tested its luxurious haircare products on animals and has committed to never doing so. Its strong stance has encouraged many other brands to do the same. It also strongly supports many charities, with Paul Mitchell staff getting involved in fundraising, volunteering and other causes that they feel passionate about.

By working in such an ethical way, Paul Mitchell is helping to set the standard for ethical and sustainable business in the hairdressing industry.


Amazing Product range

We are delighted to support Paul Mitchell and to be associated with their product range.

We highly recommended the products to our customers and we love to use them in the salon on a daily basis.

Whether your hair is normal, dry, stressed or simply in need of some love, our team will help you to select the perfect product range to cleanse, moisturise and style your locks to perfection. Every Paul Mitchell product is highly luxurious, effective and affordable, making the range the ideal choice for our discerning customers.

35 years later that vision remains the same. As one of the only privately owned beauty companies in the world it will never be sold and its products will only ever be recommended and sold by professionals.


Supporting Charities

Paul Mitchell also supports global charities such as Reforestation. Grow Appalachia, Water Keeper Alliance. Pink Out Loud breast cancer awareness.

We heavily promote the Paul Mitchell product range and are proud to be associated with it.

For more information please feel free to give us a call or pop into the salon.