The Keratin Complex Story


Ten years ago, a small and exclusive group of industry experts identified a gap in the market – there was a real lack of viable alternatives to straightening products being used in salons at the time. The heat and chemical based solutions previously on offer were causing more harm than good. In order to bring something new to the market, they worked with leading chemists and hair care experts to come up with a solution to protect hair from the elements without damaging it.

Realising that their answer to the problem had to be both gentle but effective, they harnessed the power of Keratin, and brought the world their Keratin Complex products. An essential protein found in hair, skin and nails, keratin has incredible benefits. When your hair is damaged, either by chemicals or an environmental factor like the sun, keratin is the first element which disappears, giving hair an unhealthy, dull look. Restore the keratin, and the healthy look returns.

The keratin found in Keratin Complex’s products is very similar to the naturally occurring keratin found in hair. Surrounding each hair follicle with a keratin protein bond meant that it was protected against humidity and frizz, giving hair endless versatility, and a beautiful smooth and shiny effect which had never been seen before. Damage was repaired, and hair was strengthened and rejuvenated. All of these benefits could be offered without breaking the bonds of the hair.

Keratin Complex’s formulation is perfect for restoring stressed, damaged hair, using the magic of keratin to give your hair back the glossy, healthy look you want.

Hair Smoothing

Keratin Treatments

Keratin Complex’s signature hair smoothing treatments offer a keratin treatment smoothing solution for every hair type, lifestyle and budget. Our keratin treatments also vary with regard to time in the salon, longevity of results, and the waiting period to shampoo or style post-treatment.

Remember: A consultation with your stylist will help to determine which Keratin Complex smoothing service is best for you.