Nail art

A new trend is sweeping the beauty world this summer which sees intricate and delicate patterns, shapes or designs applied to finger nails. From unicorns to rainbows and jewels, nail artists have been pushing the boundaries of traditional nail fashion, drawing inspiration from celebrities Ariana Grande and Rihanna who have been papped wearing the trend.

While many are familiar with the conventional French manicure, gel or acrylic set, the emergence of nail art may seem daunting to begin with. And during a trip to the nail salon, it can be quite a question you’re faced with when your technician asks, ‘Which colour would you like?’ – let alone which design do you prefer.

But expert beauticians say there is no need to feel cautious – and newbies should go with the wind. A writer for Bustle, a trend website, said: ‘There is something for everyone. No matter what your style, preferred colour or nail shape, it is just a fun way of bringing the traditional manicure to life.’

The look has been on the catwalk, at the biggest festivals this year so far, including Coachella in the United States, but has it been out and about on Britain’s streets, or even here in Plymouth? Not quite yet. But experts predict this summer is when the trend will have filtered down to the mainstream. Beauty magazine Cosmopolitan and website Pinterest branded 3D nail art as the ‘biggest trend’ to hit the UK in 2017.

Social media is already awash with nails pictures of women with enviable 3D nails. ‘Nailfies’ is even set to replace the word ‘selfie’ this year in terms of usage, with hundreds of women posting up pictures of their own perfectly coiffed nails online every hour.

The brilliant freedom of 3D nail art is the ability to have your nail vision realised. Love ponies? Why not get a miniature one stuck on. A fan of the colour pink and fancy some glitter to go with that? Go for it!

At Elesse Hair and Beauty, our technician Donna beautifully creates the 3D acrylic flowers for nails. But there are all sorts of various effects you can achieve, like mini works of art. Get in touch with us today to book an appointment.